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Feel the movement

Belts and masks that feel great...and do good.

Get Your Stretch On

A washable pant-keeper-upper unlike any other

Machine washable in belt loops

Start every day fresh - Unbelts live with your jeans, even on laundry day.

Stretches and adjusts from 20-58"

Outrageously comfortable and built to hug, not pinch. Top unmuffined.

Invisible and bulk-free under tees

No more mystery holes in your t-shirts or big-buckle tummy pokes.

Airport-friendly hardware

Our recycled metal hardware doesn't beep in airport security.

Closes waistband gap

...without the need for tailoring, because plumber bum's not a great look for anybody.

Ethically made, and made to last

A living-wage supply chain, right down to our components. Recycled materials. Low-waste studios. It's who we are.

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Mask for Schools

This is a great time to replace any masks you’ve got from the fall or earlier. For every mask you buy in April, we’ll donate one to a Canadian school in need.

In September 2020, we donated almost 25,000 of our super-comfy cloth masks to schools across Alberta. Six months later, we’re asking for your support in topping up with 10,000 additional masks for kids who need them across Canada.

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