April the Climber

April the Climber

When April Herrera started climbing more than three years ago, she wasn’t exactly feeling as kick-butt about it as she does now.

“I was absolutely terrified,” she says. The heights had her freaking out just a little. (Because, duh.) “It took a while for me to warm up to it, but eventually I fell in love with it and have been hooked on it ever since.”

April is amazing. She’s all about climbing now because it gives her a chance to push her limits. 

“I’m having a ton of fun,” she says. “I like the challenge of getting to the top of each route and feeling accomplished.”

So, she’s out there being awesome, clambering up walls and dominating heights that make us want to cover our faces and hide under a blanket… and she needs to keep her pants up. Showing off a bare tush while up on the wall? Not cool. 

“There are a lot of problems with trying to find the right pants to wear,” she says. Her fave brand isn’t available near her (she’s in San Francisco, it’s okay to be jealous). She often has to buy pants online, and it’s a guessing game whether or not a pair will stay put. If she’s able to try on pants in a store dressing room somewhere, it’s not like there are giant cliffs or walls for her to scale to give ‘em a test drive.

“I don’t want to be constantly pulling them up or feel like my pants are falling down and my butt crack is showing.” Oh, nobody wants that.

Enter, the Intrepid belt.

We sent April and her partner some belts a couple of months ago for them to try out, and we’re delighted they’re working out for our climbing pals.

“I use it a lot,” April says. “The grip on the inside makes it so it’s not moving around constantly.” 

Weeee! That’s what we like to hear. 

Whether you’re climbing giant natural cliffs, scaling artificial rock walls… or ladders, stairs, hills, the corporate ladder, whatever it may be… or maaaaybe you just need to keep those dang pants up while you take on adventures, we gotchu. The Intrepid belt is wicked comfy, machine-washable, travel-friendly, and made for all bodies. We mean it. Allllll of the bodies. 

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- Liz Pittman -