Bye to the 'hai

Bye to the 'hai



Six years ago, I flew to Shanghai with two big suitcases and a student visa. I never imagined I'd stay so long, or that I'd return to Canada with (in no particular order) a cat, a business, and a marriage. It's been an extraordinary time, and I don't think I'll every really be able to kiss the city goodbye - but family and higher air quality beckon, and the time has come to move this party back to Canada. There is lots to look forward to:

  • Cross-country skiing with my grandma
  • Buying Cheerios for under $12 
  • This

...and, above all, being accessible to our wonderful customers in real time. I'm so excited for the community partnerships in the works (hinthint), and for everything else that comes of being in similar time zones. 

I'll be scooting between Edmonton and Shanghai to check in at the studio, work on product development, and stock up on bubble tea straws; Shanghai customers, I hope you'll visit me at our table at the legendary Concordia Christmas Market on November 22.

To my community of womentrepreneurs in Shanghai: I'm so grateful for everything we've shared, built, and celebrated. And to everyone I've yet to meet in Edmonton: hi. It's great to be here.


- Claire