Flatter:Me Community Day - Suit Yourself

Flatter:Me Community Day - Suit Yourself


Claire here! I've been back in Edmonton for six weeks now - long enough to drink my fill of Tim Horton's, be snowed on twice, and want to give a little bit back to our second hometown. Hence! Something new: Flatter:Me Community Days, in which Kristina and I close up shop one day every three months, and go to work for a non-profit in town. 

Suit Yourself was a natural choice - their mandate is to supply women in need with professional workwear so they can re-enter the workforce with confidence. Helping gals feel great in their clothes? Yep, we were in... and over a day sorting donations, assembling health and beauty kits, and even doing some light construction work (okay, fine, hanging pictures), it was clear that Suit Yourself is (a) doing a heck of a lot for their city and (b) can always use an extra set of hands or two.

As for that set of pants-keeper-uppers on the shelf? That's us - there was a need for size-flexible belts at Suit Yourself, and we're thrilled to have come on board as an ongoing sponsor.

Do you have any suggestions for where we should spend our next Community Day? Let us know in the comments!


By the numbers

76 hangers used during clothes-sorting

58 beauty boxes assembled

4 rolls of Rocket candies consumed by Claire during said beauty box assembly

Get involved

Suit Yourself always needs donations and volunteers. Donations of clean, current professional clothing and accessories can be made by appointment; more info here. Volunteers can help with everything from styling clients' new wardrobes to sorting donations to planning events - just fill out this brief form, and you'll be contacted by a volunteer coordinator.