Flatter:Me is growing - meet Kristina!

Flatter:Me is growing - meet Kristina!


Up to now, the Flatter:Me team has consisted of the generous friends and family who have offered their time, expertise, and buckle-testing/packaging/sending abilities. However - there was always going to be a time when payment in belts and thank-you lattés wasn't going to cut it anymore, and I am thrilled to report that we've reached that very point. 

An old friend from my hometown of Edmonton, Canada who is now situated in Strasbourg, France, Kristina will be taking on a few hats off my head as Flatter:Me grows. It’ll be she who does much of the liaising with new customers, keeps up with Facebook and our blog (which, dear readers, you’ve probably come to realize is not my strength), and wrangles the increasing (yay!) amount of sales and customer data coming our way.

(And yes, this does mean that we officially operate over three continents and 16 time zones!) 

But enough from me. From the lady herself:

"Greetings, Flatter:Me fans! When Claire emailed to ask if I’d join her team, I was over the moon. I’d been on her case for months letting her know I was available for feedback or help here and there – and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier to have an actual job with Flatter:Me Belts!

I hail from Edmonton, Alberta, where I worked in admin for years. These days, I am living with my better half in France as he works on his Master’s in Space Studies. Claire and I both know what it’s like to live in a foreign land, and in France, where it’s tres difficile to find a job if you’re not fluent in French. But -  what a wonderful opportunity to help expand a business I truly believe in (I’ve been living in my Bring-It-On Black belt).

When I’m not on Flatter:Me duty, I’ll be getting up to my usual routine of cooking, baking, decorating cakes (note from Claire: seriously, they’re amazing), working on my Personal Fitness Trainer certification, reading, and travelling – thank goodness this is a portable job!

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say, again, a big thank-you to Claire and also a huge thank-you to her friends, family, and customers for making this possible. Without you, she'd never need me.


We’re lucky to have you, girlfriend. And readers, it’s a huge step to hire a permanent staff member. Belt by belt, we’re growing – thanks to you.