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Flatter:Me when you're expecting: Part III

In the third trimester, the best use of a Flatter:Me is to give a round belly an even rounder shape. You know how some of those maternity sweaters or dresses fit... but they make you feel even BIGGER than you currently are? Just use a Flatter:Me to turn a tunic (the one in this photo isn't even a maternity dress) into an empire waist dress. Looking at my photos from the front without a belt, I feel like I could have just gained a lot of weight - however, by adding a Flatter:Me, I'm definitely just very pregnant.  

As an added bonus, you can wear non-maternity clothes post-pregnancy too.  The belt will just go around my waist when I get a waist back.  I do miss my waist!

These photos demonstrate how to wear Flatter:Me in the 3rd trimester.  Snug up those tent dresses!