Lessons our customers teach us: Our belts travel well!

Lessons our customers teach us: Our belts travel well!


A funny thing happened on the way to making a flat belt: We realized we have kiiiind of an awesome travel belt on our hands, too.

We started getting pictures like these from customers:



And then Claire did an epic capsule wardrobe trip to central Europe:



And, most recently, our customer Cathlyn came in to the office to pick up three belts that she said *had* to have before she left for a cruise.

Wait, what?

Flatter:Me on a cruise? Belts on a boat? We needed to know what exactly made FMBs indispensable on a Caribbean cruise. Said Cathlyn:

“We have really limited luggage space — and my husband needs most of it for once, because he has to pack a suit for formal dinners. My pants fit better with belts, but they’ve got to be really compact and roll up with my clothes when I pack.”

We get it. Luggage space is at a premium even when your partner’s not packing black-tie. We just leave our Flatter:Me’s in our belt loops and roll our pants right up. Donezo!

Two other things that make Flatter:Me a great travel companion:

  1. It doesn’t beep when you go through security. Our buckles are a recycled metal composite — it’s an environmental choice, but it also means there isn’t enough of any single metal to set off detectors. Put another way: You don’t have to take off your FMB while you’re also fumbling with your shoes, laptop, and teeny toiletries.

  2. You can wear your FMB with pants AND dresses or tunics. We’ve even heard from customers who have turned swimsuit coverups into restaurant-appropriate tops — add leggings, throw on a belt, voila.

Overall? When you’ve got a bite-sized suitcase to work with, everything in it has to do at least double duty. (Or, if you’re Jocelyn in Mexico, triple duty — there’s an out-of-sight Flatter:Me attaching her bug net to the ceiling:)


You deserve to feel chic and put-together even when you’re rotating through a very limited number of clothes — you may have washed those jeans in your hotel sink, but darn it, they fit like a dream.

If you’ve taken your Flatter:Me Belt on a trip, tell us how it went. And it’s snowbird season — if you’re about to head off on an adventure, we’d love to hear where you’re going and what you’re packing. Tag us on Instagram or post to our Facebook page so we can see!