Looking FORE-ward to Ladies on the Green (*and* introducing the Intrepid Nice Putt)

Looking FORE-ward to Ladies on the Green (*and* introducing the Intrepid Nice Putt)

We chatted with co-founder and current committee member Emma Wynters about her love for the event and the charity it benefits, stereotypes in golf and unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions (#puttsnotbutts). 

“Squeeee!” - the noise Team Unbelts makes when we think about Ladies on the Green. We’re oh so delighted to be a sponsor of the event on July 18. 

This is the sixth year for this event. They’ve raised over $390,000 for Edmonton’s Zebra Child Protection Centre, with a goal to raise another $130,000 this time around. The organization’s purpose and goals really resonated with the LOTG organizing group.

“The Zebra Centre was the first child abuse centre in North America that does what it does,” says Emma. (You can read more about their extensive services here.) “We should be talking about the opportunities for children who have been abused and their access to these programs. With the support of all these women, we’re able to make a really big difference.”

The event continues to grow every year, with more and more women wanting to participate and donate to the Zebra Centre. How amazing is that?

“This year we rented an even bigger tent. I didn't think it was possible other than calling Cirque du Soleil,” Emma laughs. While the golf spots sold out in 30 minutes (seriously… a half hour, for 144 spots, on a -40 degree day in February… impressive), they’ve expanded the size of the garden party so more people can come and have fun in the big tent. There will be 400ish people there in 2019. 

The whole idea for LOTG came from the fact that Emma and a group of her friends felt like they were missing out on business opportunities due to being uncomfortable playing golf. Definitely nottttt a great feeling, and they knew they weren’t alone. 

“If you feel uncomfortable, you don't want to hold things up, you don't want to be embarrassed,” she says. “You don't want to embarrass your company, and you therefore miss out on those networking opportunities that you hear talked about so much in the office, or the ‘we played a round of golf and we closed this business’. It does occur and we feel a little bit ostracized.”

LOTG is for having fun and gaining some exposure to golfing culture, Emma says. The day is a total blast. 

“We just felt that there wasn't an opportunity at an entry level point for people to just be really bad at something and have that be okay and still have it be fun,” she says. Oh, we 👏 are 👏 in 👏. We can’t wait to be part of the festivities. 

So, wardrobe malfunctions. Emma has thoughts.

“Oh my goodness. We've seen them all,” she laughs. “Definitely put a belt on it. Cinch that up!”

We can help with that, of course. No need to worry about showing off your fanny while yelling “FORE!”. Check out our awesome new Nice Putt Intrepid. If you don’t have your tickets to the LOTG garden party yet, get on it, friends. It’s not to be missed.


 - Liz Pittman -