Say hello to our first-ever Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey!

Say hello to our first-ever Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey!

A note from Claire:


A few weeks ago, I found a folded-up list of Flatter:Me goals from May 2015. Circled three times and surrounded by stars was “HIRE A MARKETER.” I’d just escaped the Great Firewall of China and moved to Canada, where people used something called Twitter; I had only the vaguest idea of what a hashtag was, and I was pretty certain that I was missing out on super cool opportunities to connect with other businesses that care as much as we do about social justice, size-inclusive fashion, and women’s entrepreneurship. The worst part? I was hearing from customers with extraordinary stories about why and how they use our belts - and instead of re-shouting their praise from the rooftops, I was burying it under supplier contracts, tax returns, and the other desk work that was kept me busy all day long. In other words - I felt too busy to get the help I needed. To become less busy. Sigh.

This, along with a deep feeling of inadequacy for not being able to Do It All, went on ‘til this month. Then - along came Lindsey. We’d worked together on a sustainable fashion event and kept in touch. When I learned she was on the market and looking for a job where she could make a real difference, I snapped her up. It was terrifying.




Until, of course, her first day on the job, when it was clear that (a) she was going to nail this and (b) I *of course* was never going to be able to Do It All And More. It’s a full! Time! Job! to make and maintain meaningful connections with people and organizations you care about. After her Flatter:Me début as Bestie Box Mastermind, I have no idea what we ever did without her - and I’m so excited to see where she takes this role. Welcome, Lindsey. 


I can hardly contain my enthusiasm about being part of the incredible Flatter:Me Belts team as their first-ever Marketing Coordinator. I’ll be the gal chatting to you over social media, shooting product photos/videos, plotting super-fun campaigns, drinking too much coffee, and who you’ll reach out to if you want to collab with Flatter:Me Belts - *wink*.

A voice emerges: Lindsey, we want to know, how did you find yourself in this position?

Glad you asked, mysterious voice that *totally* isn’t me talking to mysellindsey-sciencef… I wasn’t originally in marketing. Coming from a more science- and math-inspired background, I originally found myself in oil and gas positions, originally in Calgary and later in Edmonton. A career segue about a year and a half ago pulled me through into the world of marketing. I started to understand the feeling that people get when they truly love their job. I was SO grateful that I had found my way into this amazing world that blends fun and creativity with logic and analysis (see, Mom and Dad, my education didn’t go to waste). In hindsight, maybe I should have taken business or communications in post-secondary, but I would have missed out on a pretty wicked adventure that led me here.



Voice: Surely that’s not all you do, Lindsey. When not at work, where can we find you?

How’d ya know? In the past six months, I’ve started pursuing photography (live music and portraits are my faves) and I also became a 200HR yoga teacher. Aaand I took a few DJ lessons, which I’d love to continue in the near future... And don't call me Shirley.

Personal hobbies aside, I enjoy volunteering in the community. Claire and I actually worked together on Change of Clothes, an annual Edmonton-based responsible fashion event with speakers, a clothing swap, repairathon, and upcycling workshops. Mark your calendars, because the 2017 event is taking place during Fashion Revolution Week. I’d love to see you all out!

Oh, and I looove to travel. At least once per year, I like to pick a place completely foreign to me and check it out - double the points if I do it alone. My travel track record includes Colombia, Singapore, and Iceland. I am headed to Portland in a few months -  I hear it is beautiful, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the 24hr donut shop was the biggest draw for me.


Voice: If someone wanted to get in contact with you, how could they best do that?


I can be reached by email at lindsey@flattermebelts - and I love making new friends, so drop me a line any time.