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Intrepid Tri-Packs

Intrepid Tri-Packs

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Check out the latest colour combinations for our best-selling Intrepid duo- and tri-packs.

Here’s a few secrets about the Intrepid belt you may not be aware of…
  1. Intrepid elastic contains about 8.5 recycled plastic water bottles – can you say environmental sustainability?
  2. All Intrepid belts are sewn in our Canadian studio in Edmonton, Alberta which support living-wage jobs.
  3. Little secret pocket sewn on the inside of the belt to hold money, a house key, or whatever you need on the go.
  4. Oh, and did we mention the Intrepid comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers repairs or replacements indefinitely!

Shop our multipacks today and save. Plus they ship for FREE. 

Currently available in:  

  • Hinterland: 1 x Glacier, 1 x Heathered Slate, 1 x Emerald Enchantment
  • Bear Necessities: 1 x Obsidian, 1 x Heathered Slate, 1 x Wilderness
  • Free Spirit: 1 x Midnight Moon, 1 x Cognac, 1 x Plum Potion

Add our Best-Ever Large Laundry Bag ($15 value). This little workhorse helps your jeans last longer, and protects your washing machine and Unbelts hardware from scratches. It's a win-win-win-win.