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Classic Flatter:Me Belt

Classic Flatter:Me Belt

Classic Flatter:Me Belt

Regular price USD $39 USD

Same belt, old logo. 

Before we were Unbelts, we were Flatter:Me Belts.

A lot has changed since we sold our first no-bulk belt in 2011, but all the important stuff has stayed the same. 

Classic Flatter:Me Belts are:

  • Stretchy, comfy and adjustable to fit 24" to 54" hips
  • Fully machine-washable in your belt loops
  • Flat under tees - no more tiny mystery holes from bulky buckles 
  • Made from soft and velvety but tough elastic

When you purchase a Flatter:Me Belt you’ll not only be helping us reduce studio waste, but you’ll also save 25% when you purchase two or more.

Backed by our living-wage supply chain, all our belts are ethically made and made to last. 

Add our Best-Ever Laundry or Wet Bag and protect your Unbelt’s hardware.

Looking for something a little more rugged with a lifetime warranty? Check out our Intrepids.

30 days risk free

30 days risk-free

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30 days risk free

Wicked warranty

Free repairs or replacements for 500 days (Classic) and for a lifetime (Intrepid).
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Belts made from plastic bottles? You betcha.

As flexible as that yoga teacher in that sunrise class you tried on Groupon.

Undie peekaboos, begone

Bye forever, tummy poke and buckle bulk.

Make it laundry *yay*

Always you-shaped

Progressively made, and made to last

Live your adventures in an Unbelt