Belts made from plastic bottles? You betcha.

Our Intrepid , 10-Year Kids' Unbelts yarn, is made using recycled polyester made from reclaimed PET beverage bottles. Classic Unbelts are being transitioned to recycled PET as we sell through existing inventory.

Undie peekaboos, begone

Jeans that hug in the morning and sag in the afternoon: we've all got 'em. Close that gap and keep things classy.

• All Unbelts are standard belt loop width (1.5” / 4 cm)

So FLEXIBLE, so Stretchy

Ever secretly wished every pair of pants came with an elastic waistband? Today your dreams come true, baby. Every Unbelt features an adjuster that you can slide to your perfect, stretchy fit.

• Classic elastic: soft and velvety but tough
• Intrepid elastic: heavier-duty and made of recycled water bottles. Backed with a no-slip silicone grip

Bye forever, tummy poke and buckle bulk.

Unbelts' super-smooth hardware is low-profile. They'll never make bumps under tees or those tiny holes in your shirts.


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Always you-shaped

Tall, small, narrow, wide - Unbelts love every hot bod equally. Need sizing out of the below range? Contact us for a custom solution. Everyone deserves a perfect fit.

• Classic sizing: 20-54" hips
• Intrepid sizing: 24-58" hips

Make it laundry *yay*

#lifehack, #winning, whatever you want to call it - being able to leave your Unbelt in your belt loops makes laundry day a little bit awesome. (Add our Best-Ever Laundry Bag to make your pants last longer, too.)