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Bundle Up for the Winter

You Gift One, We Give One

With every belt purchased this holiday season, we will donate a belt, on your behalf, to a non-profit organization who empowers members of our community impacted by poverty. Our “You Gift, We Give” program will run all season long, so go buy some belts and feel good that your purchase is giving back.

Did you know?

Belts are one of the least-donated and most needed items by community closets and shelters.

Think about it. When a person is relying on donated clothing to build their wardrobe, finding pants that fit properly is extremely difficult and a belt is almost always necessary.

A donated Unbelt, with its stretchy, one-size-fits-all design, provides a more dignified alternative to shoelaces, bungee cords, and other stopgap solutions clients often use. We like to consider them a simple solution to a real problem. And with the Unbelts quality guarantee, one belt donation can truly go a long way.

Thank you for your help, friends. For more information on how to get involved, please keep reading.


How to apply for and receive donated belts.

At this time we are only able to process applications within Canada for Canadian non-profit organizations.

What is the application deadline?

Applications will be accepted up until December 31st, 2020 so please apply at your earliest opportunity. At this time we are only able to process applications within Canada for Canadian non-profit organizations.

How will organizations be chosen? What is the selection criteria?

Recipients will be chosen based on greatest need and values-aligned practices.

How many organizations will be selected?

Although we will do our best to donate to as many organizations as possible, we cannot guarantee every applicant will receive belts as it will depend on the amount of applications and our quantity of collected donations throughout the 2020 holiday season.

When are donation belts being distributed?

Once organizations have been selected, belts will be allocated and distributed in January 2021.

 I’m not involved with a non-profit organization, but I need donation belts for my family or my organization. Do you have a program for me?

Yes, we always have some belts set aside to donate as needed. These belts will not be those donated through our “You Gift, We Giveprogram; rather, they are specific for individual requests and vary in style and colours. Please contact our donations coordinator, Catherine, at donations@unbelts.com and let her know how we can help. We will do our very best to accommodate your request. At this time we are only able to process applications within Canada for Canadian non-profit organizations.

I’m an individual. How can I help?

Buy a belt, or two, or ten! Gift them to friends and family this holiday season. For each and every belt you buy, we will donate a belt in return. Shop our belts and bundles and help us build our belt donation stockpile.

I don’t need belts, but I’d like to contribute. How can I help?

Please contact Catherine, our donations coordinator, at donations@unbelts.com and let her know how many belts you would like to donate. She will coordinate the rest.

Which Unbelts will you be donating?

We will be donating any of our Best-Selling Classics, Intrepids, or Kids belts to the non-profit organizations that we partner with-- whatever is most in need for the demographic being supported.

Can my belt donation items be sent to a specific non-profit that I choose?

At this time we cannot accommodate specific donation requests. If you are interested in purchasing belts to donate to the non-profit of your choice, please place your order on our website and opt to ship it directly to the organization. All belt purchases made through the duration of our program will be matched for donation to our Gift one, Give One program.

If you have a non-profit organization in mind, please send along the link to our program application form, and let them know it only takes about 5 minutes to fill out. At this time we are only able to process applications within Canada for Canadian non-profit organizations.

Aren’t most shelters not accepting clothing donations due to COVID-19?

This is true, and part of why the addition of a quality, adjustable belt might be even more beneficial to our most vulnerable communities with ill-fitting clothing. Our donated belts are brand-new product, individually packaged.

Will you consider donating to organizations outside Alberta?

We’re a proud Edmonton based company and members of our staff have volunteered, worked directly with, or have family members serving vulnerable populations within the Edmonton community. As such, we’ve decided to focus our donation efforts locally to start. However, we are confident that our reach, and level of impact, will grow as our business grows and with your help and participation in our programs, we can look to serve communities across Canada.

Is there a similar program for mask donations?

Yes! In the autumn of 2020, we launched our Masks for School program where 20% of our masks sales are matched with a donation to schools, organizations and individual families in need. We have since donated over 30,000 masks to our communities. Learn more here.