Holiday Mix'n'Match Multipacks

Holiday Mix'n'Match Multipacks

Holiday Mix'n'Match Multipacks

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Kraft gift bags and tissue Upcycled mini-stockings None, thanks

Please note: holiday items that include Hawt Pink and Honey Mustard ship Monday, November 27 for arrival on or before Friday, December 1. 

Got six loyal but droopy-pantsed besties? Shopping for a team, your book club, or a squad of teachers, coaches, neighbors and relatives? Multi-packs make gifting ridiculously easy and pleasantly affordable.

Every pack comes with free wrapping supplies so you can kick back with a hot chocolate instead of with scissors and tape. Choose fromour  free adorable Upcycled Denim Mini-Stockings ($6 value each), handsewn at our Edmonton HQ, or free recycled kraft gift bags and tissue ($2 value each). Pick your pack (and your savings):

  • 6-pack (up to $246 value): $199
  • 12-pack (up to $498 value): $379
  • 18-pack (up to $738 value): $539

    Mix and match your colors, 6 belts at a time, from the dropdowns above. Choose from:

    • Rainbow: Merlot, Hibiscus, Hawt Pink (new!), Honey Mustard (new!), Olive, Niagara
    • Neutrals: Jet Black (silver hardware), French Navy, Earl Grey, On Taupe Of It, Chocolate Brown, Jet Black (gold hardware)
    • Classic Black: all Jet Black (3 each of gold and silver hardware)

    Unbelts make perfect gifts: you know she needs 'em, you know they'll fit, and you know you're getting a heck of a deal (and *free* shipping). New to Unbelts? Scroll down to learn what else makes us special!

    Quantities are limited.

    30 days risk free

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    Love your Unbelt or return it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

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    FREE Shipping

    We pay the shipping on orders over $50 - anywhere in the world.

    30 days risk free

    500-Wear Guarantee

    Your Unbelt is made for every-single-day wear. We guarantee it. Read more

    A pant-keeper-upper totally unlike any other

    Closes waist band gap

    Because you should be the one to decide when you show your undies.

    Machine washable in belt loops

    Hurrah - no more belt unthreading on laundry day! Unbelts live with your jeans.

    Loves hips from 0-24X

    Outrageously comfortable and built to hug, not pinch. Consider your top unmuffined.

    Invisible under tees

    Our all-metal buckle is only 1/8" thick. Buh-bye, bulk. *hair flick*.

    All-metal hardware, because we put quality first.

    Plastic's functional, but it sure ain't cute. Your Unbelt's hardware makes it versatile. Throw it over a dress, or do that effortless half-tucked-in shirt thing. You'll be buckle-bulk-free either way.

    • Hypoallergenic zinc alloy
    • Recycled metal won't set off metal detectors (perfect for frequent flyers)
    • Protect in the washing machine with our Best-Ever Laundry Bag

    Flexible as the yoga teacher at that sunrise yoga class you tried on Groupon.

    Ever secretly wished every pair of pants you owned had an elastic waistband? Today your dreams come true, baby. The adjuster lets you find your perfect snug, muffin-top-free.

    • Custom-knitted elastic is velvety but tough
    • 1.5" (4 cm) wide - fits standard belt loops
    • 72% polyester | 17% nylon | 11% spandex

    Take charge of peekaboos

    There are days when a person wants to keep her undies to herself. Or, you know, save 'em for a Big Reveal. Avoid spoilers by closing that gap at the back of your jeans - Unbelts keeps things snug.


    Free the tee

    Who hasn't experienced the tyranny of the buckle bump? Pre-Unbelts, there were t-shirts we never wore because they looked lumpy with a belt underneath. You're an adult person. Wear any dang top you want.


    Make it a laundry *yay*

    #lifehack, #winning, whatever you want to call it - being able to leave your Unbelt in your belt loops makes laundry day a tiny bit awesome. (Add our Best-Ever Laundry Bag to make your jeans last longer and protect your buckle from scratches.)


    Love that shape

    Taller, smaller, thinner, wider - size isn't everything. Your Unbelt doesn't judge. It also loves change, and totally has your back through size ups and downs. Really... it just wants to hug you.

    Progressively made, and made to last

    We believe quality products and quality jobs go hand-in-hand. That's why we're creating a supply chain that's founded on living wages, upward mobility, and direct supplier relationships - because we don't just want to keep jeans up. We want to help people up, too.

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