Belt Hospital: Classic Repair Out-Of-Warranty

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Belt Hospital: Classic Repair Out-Of-Warranty

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Made with recycled materials

We take pride in extending the life of our products, and our sewing team is standing by to repair or replace your Unbelt, depending on our seasonal sewing capacity. In the case that we replace your Unbelt, we will launder and repair your original Unbelt for re-sale in our next Preloved Unbelts sales event.


To admit your "patient":

1. Select the component that needs repair from the dropdown menu on this page.

2. Proceed to checkout, entering coupon code BELTHOSPITAL for free shipping.

3. Once your order is submitted, check your inbox for your order confirmation. Please print it out and mail it, along with your Unbelt, to:

Unbelts Belt Hospital / 1160 Parkside Cir, Lawrence, KS 66049

We recommend using a standard mailing envelope with 2 stamps. Please fold your belt as flat as you can - an elastic band will help it stay that way in the mail.

4. Once we receive your belt, we'll send you your new one within five business days. You'll know it's on its way when you see a shipping confirmation for this order.

*Thank you for extending the life of your Unbelt.*