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Unwallet Accessories Obsidian Unbelts


Regular price USD $6 USD

Love the Bevvie sleeve? You are going to love the Unwallet. They feature:

  • Re-purposed scrap elastic from our Intrepid belts
  • A grippy inner lining
  • Compact carabiner
  • Fully machine-washable

Some of our favorite uses: 

  • Flashlight/ tool holder (easy to attach to your jeans)
  • Wallet, the grip holds your cards in place and attaches to your keys without any hassle
  • Organize those pesky cords and keep them tangle-free
  • Keep those knives and forks together for lunches on the go
  • Pencil case, it's a space-saving way to carry your art supplies, sewing kits, or anything else

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